Three Key Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Plumbing System

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Have you had a recent inspection of your plumbing line? As a home owner, you ought to ensure the drains are in good working condition all the time. Preventive maintenance keeps the odors at bay, saves you some bucks and time. But, how do you maintain your plumbing system in the perfect state? Below are helpful tips.

Conduct Regular Inspection

Check all your plumbing fixtures for leaks. They include faucets, shower heads and laundry lines. Also, check the caulking around the fittings to ensure they are well attached. Clean the shower head on a regular basis to remove sediments that could affect the water pressure.

Check the pipes in the sinks, bathtubs and showers. Test the movement of water to check for bubbling. It could be the drains have obstacles and could lead to complete blockage of the drain line. Clogged materials obstruct free movement of waste water. If you do not solve the problem early, it could cost you a significant amount of cash for extensive maintenance.

Example, if your kitchen sink holds water, it’s possible the trap harbors oils and food particles. Flushing the drain with hot water melts the fats clearing the drain. Also, you may need to open the trap with the help of a plumber to remove lodged materials.

Keep Pipes Safe during Winter

When extremely cold weather kicks in, freezing pipes can create a sudden emergency limiting access to water. Frozen water can cause cracks in pipes leading to leakages. If freezing suddenly occurs, seek Ultra Plumbing 24-hour service to restore the damage.

Prevent frozen pipes by insulating the pipes before winter comes. You can use plastic insulators on all exposed pipes. Also, remove exterior hoses and place insulation caps to external plumbing fixtures. If your hot water system pipes freeze, switch off the water heater. You can thaw using a hot hair drier to warm the pipe. Check for leaks along the piping system once water starts to trickle down the taps. If any, get professional help to repair the pipes.

Monitor Your Water Supply System

A high water pressure stresses your pipes and poses a risk of breakage and leakage. The pipe joints and faucets have to work hard to maintain a constant flow of water. Seek help from your plumber to check if your water pressure is at normal range and install a pressure reducer if needed.

Also, note that hard water stresses the pipes due to coagulation of minerals around the walls of your pipes. You can tell if your water is hard by observing shower heads and faucets. If you notice a while build up, your water has a high mineral content. You will need a professional to advice on water softening methods to neutralize the salts.


Preventive maintenance for your plumbing system ensures you preserve the performance of fixtures, detect signs of failure and solve the problems early. Regular checks will help you save maintenance costs and time. In the case of unexpected failures, contact emergency personnel to prevent further damage.