Signs You Should Replace Your Garage Door

Home Improvement

Over time, garage doors tend to pick up dents, particularly when put to constant use. Since dents and dings are often cosmetic, a new coat of paint is usually enough to restore the aesthetic appeal. But several other garage door issues can necessitate repairs or replacements, and prices often depend on the services required. Understanding the problem before you call the experts is, therefore, the first step towards getting a final quote. At All Pro Door, Frisco garage door repair, our top priorities are customer satisfaction and providing quality, reliable services. Our years of experience have taught us that keeping all of our prospective and current clients well-informed helps us achieve our objectives. To help us help you, below are some telltale signs that your garage door needs replacing.
Broken sections

Although splintered sections and missing parts are relatively easy to notice, some clues are not as obvious. To keep the problem from escalating, it is wise to check for the following signs:

  • Dented or deformed parts that can have an adverse impact on the door’s fit
  • Panels that are not properly aligned
  • Rollers and hinges that may be loose or missing
  • Missing or loose insert panels
  • Signs of a broken lower part, including a door that rests on the floor unevenlyBroken lower sections can invite infestations and impair the door’s structural integrity. Unfortunately, replacement is contingent on the availability of parts since some models are no longer in production.

Excessive vibration

If the opening or closing the garage door makes it shake and shimmy excessively, then it probably isn’t moving like it’s supposed to run on the tracks. The most likely reasons are:

  • Misaligned or broken springs
  • Misaligned or broken cables
  • Corroded rollers, impairing their ability to turn smoothly
  • Rollers that are no longer running in the tracks
  • Misalignment or instability due to loose or broken hinges

Noisy operation

If your garage door is getting louder or emitting strange noises, calling in a professional might be the best option. Although most of the issues listed above can lead to the emission of loud or strange noises, the same can result from:

  • Rollers and hinges that need lubrication
  • Uneven side-to-side tension
  • Shaft bearings that are worn out, particularly those on the door’s opener


If your garage door is too old, then it needs replacing. Find out whether that model is still in production and if not, then it’s definitely too old. Unfortunately, old garage doors have several dangers. Most of the new models have significantly advanced structural and functional features. As a result, you will enjoy greater functionality and added real estate value if you replace your old garage door with a more advanced model.

High energy bills

If the temperature in your home is not as comfortable as it used to be or your energy bills are much higher, then it’s possible your garage door is not providing adequate insulation. Proper insulation means a lot more comfort and much less consumption of energy while poor insulation compromises both the level of comfort and your home’s energy efficiency. Garage door issues that can cause poor insulation include:

  • Damaged lower sections
  • Dented or deformed sections
  • Worn out seals