Possums As A Pest In Your Home

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Going to the zoo and seeing a possum is cute. In other circumstances, possums can be quite the pest. Especially when they come after your home. Taking care of a possum pest problem starts by being informed. Today we will go over possums as a pest your home.

What Are Possums?

Possums are a marsupial that play at night and love to climb. They are famous for the beloved saying of “playing possum.” These creatures tend to avoid humans and as such will sometimes play dead.Many different species of possum exist and each one has their own different appearance and traits.

While possums don’t tend to like being around humans, it is not uncommon for them to find their ways into the attics or crawlspaces above a home. They love to climb and will move from tall trees to your home. You might also find them in other dark spaces that you don’t frequently use. Especially anywhere that noise is insulated.

Signs Of Possum Invasions

There are a fair amount of signs that you might have a possum invasion but you will have to piece together the details in order to know for sure. One of the biggest signs is the numerous animal noises that possums make. Vocalizations will be a dead giveaway. From shrieking to hissing, possums will span the range of animal noises. You might be tempted to think that you have an infestation of multiple different types of rodents with the noises you hear.

As possums move about you will tend to hear their clattering and other signs of movement. Like many other rodents they scratchagainst surfaces as they go about their lives, but they scratch louder because they are larger than most rodents.

If you already have pets, you might notice that their food starts to go missing. Pet food outside of the home is especially at risk. Cat food is most at risk. Human food might be at risk of possum scavenging if you are not at home often. But they will tend to avoid it because the areas where food is located smell like humans.

Damage to your home, especially the outside, will be common when you have possum problem.They tear and scratch. Your gutter system might also damage your home.

How To Get Rid Of Possums

Getting rid of possums can be a difficult task. In part, it comes down to how long the possums have been in your home. Possums that haven’t had time to adjust to living so close to humans might be scared off by the presence of humans. Taking precautions and entering areas where they are attempting to make homes, will work to scare them off.

Remember that possums are wild animals though and you should never attempt to threaten them or chase after them.

Removing access to your possum problem’s food source is important. Often, a possum infestation will move on if it is not able to access any food. Keep watch over pet food, fence off the areas, and monitor all other food sources.

Possums can also be caught in traps just like many other rodents. You will have to bait them with something that possums tend to like. Cat food in a cage near the area they are staying might work. It should be noted that some states have made it illegal for you to trap possums on your own.

If a possum problem has gotten big, you might want to consider bringing in professional help. Pest control companies have come up with a variety of unique tactics to help with possum problems. Many of these tactics are humane and simply involve relocating the pests. You can always have the pest control company come out to assess your problem and give you a quote on taking care of the infestation.

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