Five Benefits of Low Casters for Office Equipment

General Article

Choosing casters for pieces of office equipment is a lot different from selecting them for equipment used in a factory, the backroom of a store or a warehouse. The casters on equipment such as copiers, computer desks and storage cabinets must fit in with the office environment. These are items on display in an office and must look their best to add to an office’s professional image. Check out five benefits of selecting low profile casters for heavy pieces of equipment used in an office.

Easy to Move to Different Locations

Low casters allow office managers and other employees to move various pieces of equipment as needed. For instance, a manager and another employee can move a storage cabinet containing paper, pens, extra staples and other supplies to the other end of a room. This type of equipment can be moved safely when it sits on casters made to handle the weight of the item.

Well-Hidden in an Office Atmosphere

Low casters are a great choice for office equipment because they are less visible than other types of casters. Some offices have clients and vendors visiting throughout the day. So, the equipment in the office needs to look as professional as possible. Depending on the piece of equipment, a person may not be able to see the low casters beneath it without getting down on the floor and looking. This type of design adds to the neat appearance of an office environment.

Reliable Brakes for Safety

Another benefit of putting low casters on office equipment is the brakes. It’s critical to remember to engage the brakes on the casters supporting equipment in an office. This keeps a piece of equipment in its proper place and prevents the device from moving if someone leans on it or pushes against it. If the brakes on the casters are not engaged, someone pushing against a copier or storage cabinet could cause the equipment to fall over. Brakes on casters are a safety feature as well as a feature that keeps an office arrangement intact.

The Ability to Hold a Variety of Equipment

One low caster may hold up to 300 pounds while another can support 2,000 pounds. So, it’s essential to think about the weight of the item of office equipment before selecting low casters for it. The variety of low casters available makes it easy to find what you need for the types of office equipment you own.

Designed for Long-Term Use

Low casters are designed to support office and other types of equipment for years. Reliability is important because most items of office equipment are costly to replace if damaged. Most office managers want to know that their copiers, storage cabinets, printers, computers and more are secure on the casters beneath them. Low casters are made to stand up to temperature changes in the office, moisture and frequent usage. For an office owner or manager, peace of mind is a major benefit.

Finally, low casters are the perfect fit for equipment in large corporate offices or more intimate offices belonging to a smaller company. Casters are an investment in the long-term service of your office equipment and the safety of your employees.