Cabinet assembly and installation tools

Home Improvement

To install your own cupboards using Melawood is fairly easy if you are relatively handy, but having the right tools for the job is most important.

Tools are the most important aspect of any project and the quality thereof will reflect in your workmanship. The bare minimum tools required to install your own cupboards include;

* 5m measuring tape

* 600mm and 1200mm spirit level

* 1/2 round fine-toothed file

* Small adjustable steel square

* Pozidrive screwdriver

* Rubber hammer

* Safety glasses

* Electric drill

As said before, the tools listed above are the bare minimum and will only be enough if your laminated board panels are pre-cut and edged. There are other tools that will make the job much easier. A jigsaw, cordless screwdriver and a circular saw, or, even better, a plunge cut saw, makes assembly a breeze.

Measuring tape

A quality 5m long tape measure with clearly visible markings is necessary for accuracy.

Spirit levels
Proper levels are a necessity in any workshop. For kitchen installations, you’ll need a 600mm and a 1 200mm-long spirit level. The longer level is to stretch over two or more units for accurate levelling.

½ round file
ine tooth files are used to smooth edging and sharp corners

Steel square
An adjustable square makes sure all work is square and accurate.

Pozidrive screwdriver
The Pozidrive screwdriver will do all the assembly work. I recommend using a powered screwdriver. This will also be used to dill pilot holes.

Safety glasses
Safety glasses are a must when working on any project and especially when handling power tools.


The plunge cut saw or jigsaw will be handy to cut the hole for the basin and stove.

If you have the above listed tools and extras then installing your own kitchen cupboards won’t be too difficult. You will however need a few accessories and consumables – so be sure to add these to your shopping list before visiting your local hardware store.


* 3mm wood drill bit

* 6mm masonry drill bit


* 6 x 75mm nylon wall plugs and fasteners

* 30mm cut screws

* 16mm cut screws

* A small tin of contact adhesive – to glue on the edging of the Formica LifeSealWorktops.