Top Three Methods for Reviving a Deck

General Article

Whether you own a deck made from wood, vinyl or composite materials, weather and usage causes natural fading and deterioration over time. Even if you sweep and wash your deck often, it will inevitably show its age. You don’t have to break the bank though to give it new life. Consider the following top inexpensive steps to revive it:

Paint the Deck With Patterns

Although homeowners often use durable, weatherproof exterior paints to revive their decks, one trend that has gained traction over the last few years is homeowners painting the floor boards of their decks with creative designs. Buy existing stencils that you like or create your own. Paint the entire deck with one background color and then paint one or more patterns on the floor. Popular designs include vines, flowers and other plants, butterflies, mandalas and geometric shapes. Some homeowners even choose to paint faux carpet, tile and stone floor and path designs.

Preserve It Against the Elements

If you prefer a natural look or you merely want to bring back and retain the luster of the original stain, hire a professional comprehensive deck cleaning and protection company to clean and preserve your deck. Experienced professionals know which cleaning supplies to use to prevent damage and never use harsh chemicals or high pressure washer sprayers. They also typically offer a staining service that includes application of a UV-protection sealant that helps prevent stain fading and surface deterioration.

Add Inexpensive Personal Decorative Touches

A deck that doesn’t feel inviting and comfortable fails to give you, your loved ones and guests the best outdoor experience possible. The key to making any space, whether indoors or outdoors, welcoming and fun is to look beyond the background to the overall atmosphere of the environment created by your decorations and furniture. If your deck seems too big or doesn’t reflect your personality and/or a specific theme, then you need to make it a more suitable gathering place. What kinds of personal decorative touches revive a deck? Consider beautiful low-cost terracotta and hanging pot or wall gardens that contain your favorite vegetables and herbs or succulent plants, wind chimes and sun catchers, and twinkling strings of lights. If you own a grilling station, liven it up with a hanging utensil rack or a sign that says “Don’t forget to feed the cook!” If you can’t afford new outdoor furniture, spruce up chairs, benches and footstools with slip covers and colorful pillows.

As you can see, you can revive your deck with ease. To make it look spectacular, select one or all of these methods. Once you’re done, always make certain that it looks its best by following a recurring cleaning and maintenance schedule.