New Zealand Insect Guide

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New Zealand is like any part of the world and it has its own collection of insects.  Many of these insects can bother you during the summer and some of them can even harm you.  With this guide you will be better able to identify any insect problem you have on your hands.

African and New Zealand Praying Mantis

Mantis are stick like bugs that look very unusual and you are probably familiar with them.  You might think that these little creatures should be removed from your yard but they are actually pest eaters.  As mantis grow up they start to eat crickets, beetles, and other insects of that size.


Most people know cockroaches and know how hard they are to kill.  These pesky pests will eat your food and spread disease if they are not eradicated from your property.  Cockroaches scurry around and love dark places.  Commonly roaches will start to appear when food has been left behind or there is a dead animal.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been around for a while but were recently brought to light when a wave of infestations spread around the world.  Like the name implies, bed bugs can be found on beds as well as other cushions.  Each bug is tiny and will feed off your blood and the blood of your animals.  Diseases and irritation can be spread by these creatures.


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Five Benefits of Low Casters for Office Equipment

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Choosing casters for pieces of office equipment is a lot different from selecting them for equipment used in a factory, the backroom of a store or a warehouse. The casters on equipment such as copiers, computer desks and storage cabinets must fit in with the office environment. These are items on display in an office and must look their best to add to an office’s professional image. Check out five benefits of selecting low profile casters for heavy pieces of equipment used in an office.

Easy to Move to Different Locations

Low casters allow office managers and other employees to move various pieces of equipment as needed. For instance, a manager and another employee can move a storage cabinet containing paper, pens, extra staples and other supplies to the other end of a room. This type of equipment can be moved safely when it sits on casters made to handle the weight of the item.

Well-Hidden in an Office Atmosphere

Low casters are a great choice for office equipment because they are less visible than other types of casters. Some offices have clients and vendors visiting throughout the day. So, the equipment in the office needs to look as professional as possible. Depending on the piece of equipment, a person may not be able to see the low casters beneath it without getting down on the floor and looking. This type of design adds to the neat appearance of an office environment.

Reliable Brakes for Safety

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Top Three Methods for Reviving a Deck

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Whether you own a deck made from wood, vinyl or composite materials, weather and usage causes natural fading and deterioration over time. Even if you sweep and wash your deck often, it will inevitably show its age. You don’t have to break the bank though to give it new life. Consider the following top inexpensive steps to revive it:

Paint the Deck With Patterns

Although homeowners often use durable, weatherproof exterior paints to revive their decks, one trend that has gained traction over the last few years is homeowners painting the floor boards of their decks with creative designs. Buy existing stencils that you like or create your own. Paint the entire deck with one background color and then paint one or more patterns on the floor. Popular designs include vines, flowers and other plants, butterflies, mandalas and geometric shapes. Some homeowners even choose to paint faux carpet, tile and stone floor and path designs.

Preserve It Against the Elements

If you prefer a natural look or you merely want to bring back and retain the luster of the original stain, hire a professional comprehensive deck cleaning and protection company to clean and preserve your deck. Experienced professionals know which cleaning supplies to use to prevent damage and never use harsh chemicals or high pressure washer sprayers. They also typically offer a staining service that includes application of a UV-protection sealant that helps prevent stain fading and surface deterioration.

Add Inexpensive Personal Decorative Touches

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Tips Choose Service Cleaning Service / Clearance Services

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In this busy life using a cleaning service/cleaning service is a right choice. In addition, because you do not have to bother yourself cleaning house, your house will be more neat and clean of course.

But before contacting or using the house cleaning services of hygiene you should know the tricks and tips so that you calmer your home more comfortable again.

At this time we will share tips on how to hire a home cleaning service.

  1. Choose a cleaning service company honest and trustworthy.

This is very important. Remembering your house of course very much contains valuables of course. And honesty is the main basis. To know the honesty of the janitors is indeed difficult. Because we can not know one by one the workers.

  1. Choose a cleaning service company/cleaning service that has a full service.

After getting a company that is believed, to be honest, and reliable it is time you select which company has full service. This is very important, besides you can save money. You do not have to bother anymore looking for other services. For that please select services that have the most comprehensive services ranging from laundry service, carpet wash, spring bed wash, marble polish, polish vinyl, etc.

  1. Do not select cleaning service company/cleaning service that asks for money first.

Sorry, this is kinda vulgar. But the fact that we often meet in the field. Some of our clients are under contract with certain home cleaning services and they ask for a … Read More

Why Balustrades are so important

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Balustrades are more than just the almost-mandatory safety precautions you install around your dwelling. The truth is that these safety utilities have metamorphosed past mere preventative measures into something much more profound – a culture and an aesthetic, like icing on a cake, but with actual safety utility.

Romantic dramas that show a young man in love, leaning his hands on the railing and gazing out over the melancholy seas (*cough* Titanic *cough*) did its part in this Cultural Revolution. Likewise, the cookie-cutter action film showing our hero pulling himself back up to safety with the help of – yup, you guessed it – a conveniently installed, life-saving balustrade also added something to the mix. Why? Because handrails and balustrades are as tasteful as they are useful!

Decks, landings, porches and patios all seems equally bare without some form of balustrade, and for good reason. Architecturally speaking, these un-invasive boundaries let us know where a space begins and ends (and, generally, also where safety ends). They inform the structural space they’re placed in as much as they protect those who use it.

Installing them around your house is a no-brainer, then. Even finding the right type of balustrade solutions is easier done than said. Installing them, even more so. They are much less difficult to install than they used to be a decade or so ago. Gone are the days of spending your weekend donned in construction worker garb trying to improve your home’s exterior. DIY steel balustrade kits have … Read More